Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

- Hippocrates

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Rachelle Robinett is the founder of Supernatural and a holistic health practitioner bridging global approaches to teach plant-based nutrition, practical herbalism, and healthy habits for whole wellbeing. She believes that plants are our food, food is our medicine, and nature is our source of life. Supernatural’s first physical location is the new herbal pharmacy and plant-
based cafe within the WOOM Center? serving super-healthy beverages, personalized herbal prescriptions, Supernatural products, events and more.


8oz, $4

Hot and cold herbal tea
infusions made from leaves,
roots, berries, seeds & more


8oz, $5

House-made, plant-based,
non-dairy medicinal milks
infused with herbs


4oz, $5

Concentrated elixir shots
made of superfoods,
spices and secrets

Consultation & custom herbal blends